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sâmbătă, 15 septembrie 2018

5 Tips for dressing your man like a million bucks

5 Tips for dressing your man like a million bucks

There is always room for improvement, especially in fashion. You always want to look good, whether you are going to a formal event or a simple date. But when you are with your man, you also want them to look good. But not all men like to undergo a fashion makeover, so here are some ways that you can help them achieve that million dollar look.

1. Consider his own personal preference - being in a relationship means accepting the person as he is, and while you want to see your man dressing better, you don't also want him to completely change his style, but just to jazz it up so that he looks better. Consider what he likes to wear. Check out his closet and see what comprises it. Once you've gotten a handle on his personal style preference, do your research on how you can combine his style with the look you want to see. Make compromises on your choice in a way that both of you will still be happy with the result.

2. Make sure the clothes fit him - one of the usual biggest issues with men when it comes to fashion is the fit. Most men wear shirts, pants or even suits that are too big. When they buy their jeans, they do not consider cutting it to the right size, etc. Why not go on a shopping trip with them so that you can choose clothes that fit them perfectly.

3. Choose quality over quantity - you don't need to buy a lot of clothes and change his whole wardrobe. The key is to invest in a few good quality pieces, like several shirts and a good pair of khakis from Bills Khakis, instead of buying too many clothes that he may not wear.

5 Tips for dressing your man like a million bucks4. Invest in a good suit - one very good investment that all men should make is a good suit. This is not just a suit that they will find last minute in a thrift store but one that was really tailor-made for them. It's perfect to wear on special occasions, from weddings or a formal corporate event. If you plan to take him with you to a big family event like a wedding and he does not have a suit, why not offer to split the cost with him so that he will be more open to investing in it?

5. Boost his confidence - dressing like a million bucks is not just about the clothes but also about the attitude. It does not matter if you get your man in clothes that fit him and cost over a thousand dollars, but if he does not feel confident in it, it would still look he was uncomfortable, and it would ruin the look you were going for. That's why it's important to not veer too far from his own style preference. You can make subtle changes and give several suggestions until you are both satisfied with the result. Don't forget to give him lots of compliments so that you know that you appreciate not just his new look but also how he was considerate enough to hear your suggestion.

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